To determine if you meet all of the requirements for a clinical trial, a physical examination is usually conducted during the screening process. This exam may include:

• Measurement of your height, weight, temperature and blood pressure
• A test that records the electrical activity of your heart, known as an electrocardiogram
• Blood and/or urine samples
• Other diagnostic tests required by the clinical trial protocol

All of the information obtained during the screening process is kept secure. If you qualify for the clinical trial, you will be contacted by the site staff to schedule any trial-related clinic visits and discuss your participation in more detail. Your participation is completely voluntary. So, even if you decide to enroll in a clinical trial, you are free to leave the trial at any time, for any reason.


Boca Raton Clinical Research follows HIPAA Guidelines and maintains patient confidentiality. Patient registration, medical history, family history and trial participation is stored in our patient database and is never shared or sold