Our dedicated and experienced medical professionals conduct human clinical research with understanding, compassion and respect for our research participants.

By signing the consent form, subjects do not forfeit their legal rights

By participating, you may contribute to the healthcare of tomorrow.

Positively impact the health of millions, including friends and family.

Improve and educate yourself about your own health.
Research studies can allow you access to medical options and medications not available through any other means.
Generally, all study procedures, doctor visits, and study medications are at no cost to you.
Financial compensation is available for your time and travel expenses.
You do not need health insurance in order to participate.

Subject has the following roles:
Read the informed consent form and seek understanding of the CT
Ask questions and understand his/her rights.
Follow carefully all directions pertaining to drug dosing, tests and procedures, and appear for CT visits as scheduled.
Report any apparent/potential adverse drug reaction to the investigator.


Boca Raton Clinical Research follows HIPAA Guidelines and maintains patient confidentiality. Patient registration, medical history, family history and trial participation is stored in our patient database and is never shared or sold