BRCR GLOBAL employs an objective costing method to determine site participation costs and reimbursement rates.

Site Budgets
BRCR GLOBAL establish direct and pass-through costs including overhead, protocol review, IRB submission, study training, laboratory fees, patient recruitment, subject consent and other procedures that are not part of routine practice. This is reviewed and approved by the study sponsor.

Pass-Through Accounts
BRCR GLOBAL manages pass-through accounts to cover indirect expenses related to the purchase of third party services required for the conduct of the study. These are invoiced to the Sponsor based on period payments projections.

Regular accountability statements are provided to the Sponsor to enable close monitoring of pass-through expenditures.

Investigator Agreements
BRCR GLOBAL study agreement templates define the responsibilities of all parties, including role of the Investigator in protocol adherence and data submission.

BRCR GLOBAL provides this, or the sponsor's own Agreement, to all Investigators for review, and sign-off prior to study commencement, and returns all signed agreements to the sponsor for sign-off.

The sponsor’s legal counsel normally deals with issues requiring legal advice or BRCR GLOBAL will provide support from its external legal counsel if required.

Investigator Payments
BRCR GLOBAL establishes a separate account for investigator payments for each study. The investigator payment schedule is designed to include an up front payment followed by sequential payment based on the enrolment of subjects and receipt of complete and accurate data over the study period.

BRCR GLOBAL invoices the study sponsor based on the projected payments, disburses the funds as agreed over payment period, and provides each site with a statement, which clearly defines the specifics of each payment.

Sponsors receive a detailed monthly accounting statement showing the disbursement of funds to each investigative site and an updated balance for budgeting purposes.


Boca Raton Clinical Research follows HIPAA Guidelines and maintains patient confidentiality. Patient registration, medical history, family history and trial participation is stored in our patient database and is never shared or sold