CTA & Budget Negotiation Support


BRCR GLOBAL employs an objective method of cost estimation in order to determine the sharing costs in the site and the reimbursement rates.


• Site Budgets

Direct and transfer costs are estimated by BRCR GLOBAL, as well as general expenses, protocol reviewal, IRB presentation, study training, laboratory fees, patient recruitment, subject consent and other procedures that may not be part of the usual practice. These estimates must be submitted for considering and approval by the sponsor of the study.


• Transfer Accounts

BRCR GLOBAL manages transfer accounts to cover the indirect expenses related to the purchase of services from third parties required to carry out a specific study. These expenses will be invoiced to the Sponsor based on the payment schedule for the period.

The right of regular statements of accountability to the Sponsor is granted, to allow validation of the transfer costs.


• Research Agreements

The roles and responsibilities of all the parties involved in a study will be contained in the BRCR GLOBAL study agreement templates, which also include the scope of the researcher's role in the complying of the protocol and the presentation of data.

BRCR GLOBAL provides these templates or the Sponsor Agreement to all Researchers for review and approval prior to the beginning of the study, and returns all agreements duly signed by the parties to the sponsor for approval.

The matters that require legal advice will be attended by the Legal Counsil of the sponsor, or by an External Legal Advisor of BRCR GLOBAL if necessary.


• Investigator Payments

For the researcher's payments, BRCR GLOBAL will have a separate account for each study. The investigator's payment schedule is designed to include an initial payment followed by a sequential payment based on the enrollment of subjects and receipt of complete and accurate data during the study period.

BRCR GLOBAL will invoice the study sponsor based on the projected payments, disburse the funds as approved in the payment period and provide each site with a statement that clearly defines the details of each payment.

The sponsors will receive a detailed monthly statement of movements that must show the disbursement of funds to each research site and the updated balance for budgeting purposes.

Boca Raton Clinical Research follows HIPAA Guidelines and maintains patient confidentiality. Patient registration, medical history, family history and trial participation is stored in our patient database and is never shared or sold.

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